About the Artist
The New Moon

"Painting is my lifeline. Being somewhat a non-verbal person, I have discovered brush and medium to be my most direct, natural, and heartfelt response to the mysteries and wonder of nature, the joys and follies of mankind, and to the seriousness of life. My work speaks for itself. I am pleased and feel rewarded if it brings joy and contemplation to others."

- FJM & Kenneth Koskela

Kenneth Koskela spent his childhood in the Northern Mid-West, exploring the forests and wildlands of the area, and the shores of Lake Superior. It was there that his fascination with the beauty and mystery of nature was first developed, and he became increasingly enchanted by the many Victorian mansions and buildings of the area. 

His early artistic interest and painting talent was especially encouraged by his mother and older sister who became a well-known graphic artist herself. Upon high school graduation, Koskela attended art school in Chicago, transferring in his final year to college where he received his BA degree. Following stints in the U.S. Army and a few years of private school teaching, Koskela left for Europe. He traveled in England, Egypt, and throughout the continent pursuing his interest in architecture, history, and classical art. 

Afterwards, with the elements of inspiration firmly in place for his unique and singular artistic vision, he returned to the United States and began an intensive career in painting, moving from California to Chicago to Washington, D.C., Virginia, and the east coast. Koskela's work has appeared in shows and galleries in the United States for many years. 

Kenneth passed away on January 31, 2022.

Style and Inspiration

Koskela’s artwork has been described variously over the years as surrealist, miniaturist, symbolist, even humorist. Although his style encompasses aspects of all of these qualities, a definitive label remains elusive. Koskela himself points to his varied inspirational sources as a reason why his artwork doesn’t fit neatly into one particular stylistic school or movement.

“When I entered 9th grade at school, I found the library. It was established in the late 1800’s by those good guys from Boston and contained a great collection of art books. That year my education in Art History began!” says Koskela. “I have been influenced by all art from the French Cave paintings, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Gothic, High and Low Renaissance, those 19th Century Movements and even the Impressionists and a few modern artists… All went into my search and over time I found my inspiration guided by my wonderful and demanding muse…”

And inspiration he found, propelling him through more than 60 years of prolific output!


- by FJM & KK

"More than a collection of life experiences, Ken's autobiography is a testimonial to Life, embracing everyone he's ever met, every place he's ever been, and all he's ever seen, smelled, heard or tasted. Above all, it's everything he's ever felt. His work opens the door to the microcosm within every human being. Walt Whitman, move over, because Ken, with brush and pen, has written a NEW SONG."

- a Fan from Japan

Photo by Marietta Foster Smith